7.5mm Watch Crown Winder Tool Manual Mechanical Winding


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High quailty One Piece Stainless Steel handy tool for wind up your watch.
(note that there is more than one quailty of that tool,we are selling the best one)
Watch crown winder. Excellent tool if the winder/crown on your watch is small and hard to wind, makes winding up all watches easier.
Good quality stainless steel construction, push in the end to open the jaws to fit most crowns from small to large.
This has spring mecanism, you push one side that opens the chuck, place onto crown then the spring holds the crown tight for winding.
Can also be used when letting down the mainspring when working on mechanical watches.

That tool can use on the following:
Winding your mechincal watch very easy and fast.
Set the time or the date of the watch in just a seconds.
Adjustable,each size can use in 3 or 4 crown sizes,plus we have 8 different size to apply to most watch crown.(Please don't forget to choose the size you interested in)
Just depress the plunger on end and the jaws lock on to the crown of two tones andmen's presidential watches.
Allows you to set the date quickly.

Package Included:
1 x 7.5mm crown winder




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7.5mm Watch Crown Winder Tool Manual Mechanical Winding

7.5mm Watch Crown Winder Tool Manual Mechanical Winding