20pcs Wrist Watch Repair Tools Set Kits Pin&hand Remover


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Professional Watch Tools  is available now from our US and UK warehouse

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20pcs Wrist Watch Repair Tools Set Kits Pin Hand Remover
1. A complete set watch repair tools
2. Professional watchmakers' tools
3. Can be use for repair clock, watch, wristwatch. etc
4. With a high quality retail package for storage and convenience                                          
5.Package size: 340*230*40mm                      
6.Package weight: 880g

This Kit includes the following tools:
1.One watchband link pin remover
2.One watch case opener
3.One watch case holder
4.One watch back wrench
5.One watch band remover
6.One watch band holder
7.One polishing cloth
8.3 Link pin removers with 2 extra pins
9.3 Slotted screwdrivers with 3 extra blades
10.One Phillips head screwdriver
11.One pair of tweezers
12.One dual head hammer
13.One spring bar remover with 2 extra tips
14.One mini spring bar remover
15.One pair of chain nose pliers with side cutters
16.One eye loupe
17.One plastic case for store small pins

Package included:
1 * 20pcs watch repair tools (a complete set)

Please use the right way to operate
Remember not to force too much , avoid injury the watch.


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20pcs Wrist Watch Repair Tools Set Kits Pin&hand Remover

20pcs Wrist Watch Repair Tools Set Kits Pin&hand Remover