Hyundai Kia AUX Input Interface Cable USB 3.5mm For iPod iPhone iPad


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You don't have to Fumble around with your ipod while you drive, it gives you the convenience of control and charging of your iPod from your Factory Radio.
This one simple cable males the connection to the usb and 3.5mm input found in the center console.
This allow for a clean installation and eliminates the bulky adapter box found with many universal iPod adapters.
It features a 30-pin iPod male plug on one end and a 3.5mm/USB on the other.
Interface cable for Apple's iPod, with USB and 3.5mm AUX for Hyundai/Kia Motor Listen, control and charge your iPod right from your car stereo Music information appears on radio head unit
Easy to install: simply Plug-and-play Apple's iPod interface cable work with the Hyundai or KIA with USB and 3.5mm mini jack AUX IN Hyundai Part # 08,620-2L000 or 096,125-21,000

The iPod cable is a 29cm long black wire with unique connectors on each end. One end has a thin, wide 30-pin iPodconnector, protected by a clear plastic cover when not in use.The other end contains internal logic controller and two connectors; a conventional USB type and a standard stereo 3.5mm mini-plug.
The wide connector goes in the base of the iPod and the double-connector plugs firmly into the floor of the center armrest console.
The iPod unit will boot up when the key is turned on and will take a few moments to activate. At that time, a Hyundai logo or an iPod symbol will appear on the screen.
All controls may then be operated through the audio head unit. The iPod can be stowed in the console and “forgotten” about until leaving the vehicle.The music description from the iPod is shown on the multi-display panel of the audio of factory navigation system as applicable (Note: videos will not be displayed
The iPod cable charges the iPod’s battery when the vehicles key is on. The iPod may not turn off with the key, so confirm the iPod is off to avoid battery drain on the iPod.
Each combination of Hyundai model, iPod model and iPod generation have unique functionality. Please refer to your Hyundai owner’s manual for more details.
Works with the following IPOD/IPHONE:
iPod 4th Generation
iPod 5th Generation
iPod mini
ipod Photo
ipod Video
iPod Classic
iPod Nano- all
iPod Touch-all
iPhone  (all)

Note :
Please plug in the cable first to the AUX on your HYUNDAI / KIA when the car is off, start your car then switch to
AUX, then plug in your IPOD. (Do not plug your IPOD to the cable, before plugging the cable to your Car)

For iPhone Users:
A message will be displayed on the iPhone whenever it is plugged in to this cable. This is a normal iPhone function,
and neither the iPhone nor the car stereo will be damaged by this connection. Please press "Dismiss" and continue.

Compatible with:
For Hyundai follow model:
Hyundai Accent                     2009-2012
Hyundai Azera                        2009-2011
Hyundai Elantra                     2009-2012
Hyundai Genesis                    2009-2012
Hyundai Genesis Coupe            2010-2012
Hyundai H1
Hyundai Santa Fe                   2009-2012
Hyundai Sonata                       2009-2012
Hyundai Tucson                     2009-2012
Hyundai Veracruz                   2009-2012
Hyundai I10
Hyundai I20
Hyundai I30
Hyundai I40
Hyundai I800
For Kia follow model:
Kia Sorento                          2009,2011-2012
Kia Soul                               2010-2012
Kia Sportage                        2009-2012
Kia Sedona                          2009-2012
Kia Rio5                               2009-2011
Kia Optima                          2009-2011
Kia Rio                                2010-2011
Kia Rondo                           2010-2011
Kia Borreg                          2010-2011
Kia Forte                            2010

Package included:
1 x iPod/iPhone/iPad to Hyundai Cable

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Hyundai Kia AUX Input Interface Cable USB 3.5mm For iPod iPhone iPad

Hyundai Kia AUX Input Interface Cable USB 3.5mm For iPod iPhone iPad